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Baobab Collection - Scented Candle - Mykerinos Dark - 35cm


Immerse yourself in the decadent scents of Ancient Egypt with this Mykerinos Dark Electrum candle from Baobab Collection. Encased in dark silver coloured stainless steel coated glass, this candle features a hand-hammered curved dot design and the soft, feminine scent of acacia & myrrh. This candle is part of the Electrum range, based on the luxurious metal of the same name used throughout the ancient world, with designs inspired by the three largest pyramids of Giza (Kheops, Khephren & Mykerinos) . The three Electrum scents are available in four different sized candles and as a diffuser, along with a comprehensive range of home fragrances from Baobab. For full instructions on how to properly care for your candle please see our burning guide here. Key features: * Fragrance notes: myrrh and acacia * Dimensions: H35cm * Material of holder: stainless steel encased glass * Burn time: 800hrs * Seven wicks for even burning * Stylish large dot hammered design * Design inspired by ancient Egypt * Four sizes available

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