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Diamondback Serios S Triathlon/Time Trial Road Bike - 2016


Diamondback Serios S Triathlon/Time Trial Road Bike - 2016. What is being heralded as the fastest bike on the planet, the Diamondback Serios is about one thing, and one thing only: speed. Diamondback has partnered with HED Cycling and KQ Studios to produce a bike that is unmatched in aerodynamics and performance. The Diamondback Serios S Triathlon/Time Trial Road Bike, constructed of high grade carbon fiber, is equipped with high performing componentry: Shimano 105 11-speed, HED Flanders C2 + wheels, and a Vision Trimax aero bar. When it comes to triathlons and time trials, most are won or lost on the climbs and descents, and not on the flats. With this in mind, Diamondback and HED designed the frame's geometry so it can handle ascents, steep descents, around hairpin corners--conditions you'll encounter in a time trial or triathlon. While the handling is incredibly impressive, it's the Serios' aerodynamics that make it shine on course. Among many features, the Serios custom stem and riser system that manages the airflow from the tip of the aero bar to the rear of the seat post, ...experiences half the drag to the competition, says Kevin Quan, Lead Engineer for Diamondback. The Diamondback Serios frame is constructed with unidirectional carbon, which is unparalleled in power transfer and comfort. Thanks to its unique headset spacers, it's able to fit virtually every body shape (it needed to fit their pro team, which meant a wide range of body types and heights, from 5'4 to 6'5) . The Serios triathlon/time trial bike is the result of extensive wind tunnel and real world testing, making it a speed bike that turns and rides like no other. Finally, in the real world of crosswinds and corners, this bike's design outperforms all others. The Diamondback Serios S features a Shimano 105 11-speed drivetrain and race crankset. 105 is proven to be an incredible performer under the watchful eye of the clock. The 105 11/25 cassette gives you plenty of range for any course and the 105 brakes and TRP levers respond on a moment's notice. The rear derailleurs wide link design makes it capable of handling a 28-tooth cassette should you need it. The Serios S rolls on a set of HED Flanders C2+ wheels with Continental Ultra Sport II tires. The Flanders C2's have a low, 20/24 spoke count for increased acceleration out of the gate, or in and out of tight course corners. While the features of the Serios are almost too many to name, the bike itself is quite easy to name, and it's only available from Diamondback.

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