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Shinko 011 Verge Radial Rear Tire


Designed specifically for sport bike and touring riding; the Shinko 011 Verge radial tire combines performance with extended tread life. The 011 Verge rear tire features Zero Degree JLSB (Joint-Less Steel Belted) state-of-the-art technology for added stability and strength; while the Verge front tire is Aramid belted for enhanced high-speed performance. Sport/Touring designed tread with a compound designed for excellent grip with extended tread life Rear tire uses 0 JLSB (Zero Degree Joint-Less Steel Belted) state of the art technology for added stability and strength Tread radius designed for enhanced high speed cornering This street bike tire is tubeless These sport touring motorcycle tires are W rated for speeds up to 168 mph Blackwall Note: Tire sizes 200/55R-17; 200/50R-18; and 300/35R-18 are V rated for speeds up to 149 mph Available in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 160/60ZR-17; 170/60ZR-17; 180/55ZR-17; 190/50ZR-17; 200/50ZR-17; 200/55R-17; 200/50R-18; and 300/35R-18

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