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Western Power Sports Featherweight Lithium Battery


Lithium Ion Polymer motorcycle battery technology No hazardous acid or heavy metals; non-explosive and non-combustible Extremely lightweight; 50% to 70% lighter than standard batteries Fast recharge; can be brought up to 90% charge in within 6 minutes More precise fitments compared to other brands of lithium batteries Easily 6 to 12 times more cycle life compared to lead acid batteries Increased cranking amps over lead acid batteries Long shelf life; up to 1 year before requiring recharging Waterproof and can be mounted in any position No shipping restrictions Built in L.E.D. test gauge All components are designed; manufactured; assembled and packed in one location assuring high quality and consistency Two year manufacturer's warranty Note: Image for reference only. Actual product may vary according to vehicle. Chaparral carries several Western Power Sports batteries; including: 51814; 51913; 52015; 52515; 53030; 53034; 12N10-3A-2; 12N11-3A-1; 12N12A-4A-1; 12N14-3A; 12N4-3B; 12N5.5-3B; 12N5.5-4A; 12N5-3B; 12N5-4B; 12N7-3B; 12N7-4A; 12N7-4B; 12N7A-3A; 12N7A-4B; 12N7CZ-3D; 12N7D-3B; 12N9-3A; 12N9-3B; 12N9-4B-1; GYZ16H; GYZ20H; GYZ20HL; GYZ20L; HG-18-12; HVT-1; HVT-2; HVT-3; HVT-4; HVT-5; HVT-6; HVT-7; HVT-8; HVT-9; HYB16A-AB; KMX14-BS; KTM # 79011053000; SY50-N18L-AT; SYB14L-A2; SYB14L-B2; SYB16L-B; Y50-N18A-A; Y50-N18L-A; Y50-N18L-A2; Y50-N18L-A3; Y50-N18L-A-CX; Y60-N24-A; Y60-N24AL-B; YB10A-A2; YB10L-A2; YB10L-B; YB10L-B2; YB10L-BP; YB12A-A; YB12A-B; YB12AL-A; YB12AL-A2; YB12B-B2; YB12B-BS; YB12C-A; YB14-A2; YB14A-A1; YB14A-A2; YB14-B2; YB14L-A1; YB14L-A2; YB14L-B2; YB16-B; YB16B-A; YB16B-A1; YB16-B-CX; YB16C-B; YB16CL-B; YB16HL-A-CX; YB16L-A2; YB16L-B; YB18-A; YB18L-A; YB18L-A2; YB30CL-B; YB30L-B; YB4L-A; YB4L-B; YB5L-B; YB7-A; YB7B-B; YB7C-A; YB7L-B; YB9A-A; YB9-B; YB9L-A2; YB9L-B; YHD-12H; YIX30L; YIX30L-BS; YT12A-BS; YT12B-BS; YT7B-BS; YT9B-BS; YTR9-BS; YTX12A-BS; YTX12-BS; YTX14AH-BS; YTX14AHL-BS; YTX14-BS; YTX14H-BS; YTX14L-BS; YTX15L-BS; YTX1

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